Product usage

Given its great purity, our product can be used in practicaly all the same ways as the synthetic monomer.

Among the most notable applications are:

  • Production of PMMA acrylic plate.
  • Extraction of emulsions, dispersions and coatings or finishing coats.
  • Production of acrylic paints and varnishes.
  • Production of kitchen and bathroom surfaces (Silestone).
  • Flooring applications for the food, health, chemical industries, etc.
  • Securing tissue or tanning.
  • Paint applications for the automotive sector.
  • As a base for the production of other methacrylates.
PMMA plates

Thus, its applications cover a wide range of products. For further information on the adaptability of our product, please contact us.

Reclaiming and recycling methyl methacrylate

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