Product properties

We have high quality, very pure reclaimed MMA. Our product has been reclaimed and purified using a depolymerisation, neutralisation and distillation process to achieve the desired degree of purity.
The result of this complex process is a methyl methacrylate monomer that is suitable for a wide range of uses – very similar to those possible with the synthetic monomer.

The finished product is stored in a refrigerated underground tank at a constant 5ºC to ensure its stability. Should the client so request, an inhibitor can be added to their order upon packaging. This is typically HQ (hydroquinone), MEHQ (mono methyl hydroquinone ether) or BHT (butyl-hydroxytoluene) in the proportion (ppm) required.

The main characteristics of our product are:

  • Minimum 98% pure.
  • 500 ppm water (maximum moistness).
  • Maximum acidity of methacrylic acid of 0.005%.

Strict quality controls are used in our laboratory to control these and other characteristics.

Reclaimed MMA

Reclaiming and recycling methyl methacrylate

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