Over 50 years' recycling methacrylate

Pioneers in Spain in recycling methacrylate, with over 50 years’ experience.

Depolymerisation of PMMA

We recycle pellets, plates, manufacturing scrap, etc.

Reclaiming and methyl methacrylate recycling (PMMA)
Production and sale of methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA)

Plates for methyl methacrylate recycling
We exclusively purchase poly methyl methacrylate in various forms and quantities: plates, manufacturing scrap, ground, transparent, coloured, etc.
Our finished product (MMA) is better value than the synthetic monomer. We supply the product in small or large quantities.
MMA recycled
Minimum purity: 98%; comprehensive quality control. This ensures our product can be employed for similar uses as the synthetic monomer.

Reclaiming and recycling methyl methacrylate

Monómeros del Vallés S.L.
C/ Libra 51 - Polígon Industrial Can Perellada - 08228 - Terrassa (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 785 69 50 - E-mail: info@monomerosdelvalles.com

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