Quality control

We are very serious about the quality of our product, which is why we perform rigorous quality controls in our laboratory to ensure the highest possible purity and the best delivery conditions for the monomer.

At our laboratory, we have various measurement and precision instruments which enable us to perform these quality controls. Among these are a gas chromatograph, a Karl Fischer meter and various precision burettes, as well as other instruments used on a daily basis.

An explanation of the controls performed and certified in the analysis report for each MMA order is given below:

Relative Density at 20ºC

densitatA conventional 0.9 to 1 g / cm³ densimeter is used for this test at 20ºC.

The values for this test are: 0.94 +/- 0.01 g / cm³.

Acidity in methacrylic acid

acidesaThe acidity of the methacrylic acid in the sample is measured using acid-base titration with an automatic precision burette and a 0.01N soda solution (NaOH).

The normal values for this test are around 0.0025% in methacrylic acid of a maximum 0.005%.

MMA purity in %

This is evaluated by gas chromatography using semi-capillary columns. Possible impurities present in the sample are detected this way. The minimum purity of the product is 98%.

The main impurities present are:

  • Methyl acrylate: < 1%
  • Methyl isobutyrate: < 1%
  • Ethyl acrylate: < 0.3%
  • Other residual compounds: < 0.2

kfThis is assessed via Karl Fischer titration.

The typical values are always less than 550 ppm of water.


The APHA colour is checked using the Hazen scale (Platinum Cobalt Pt/Co) and must not exceed 10 units.

The typical values in this test are around 5.

Presence of polymers

The presence of polymers is detected using a 80% monomer/20% methanol mixture; the result is completely clear, which shows an absence of polymers.



The temperature is assessed when packaging the product. It never lies above 5ºC during loading or storage.


Reclaiming and recycling methyl methacrylate

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